As The Colours Seep

by Zero Stroke

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Harald Schmidtke Really cool, pure sound, different yet mellow . . . Favorite track: There Were Flaws.
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'As The Colours Seep' is the first EP from Cape Town-based progressive metal band, Zero Stroke.


released January 21, 2015

All music written, performed and produced by Zero Stroke.
Album cover credits: Jethro Stebbings, Zero Stroke, and Nicholas Raine



all rights reserved


Zero Stroke Cape Town, South Africa

Zero Stroke is a progressive rock/metal band
from Cape Town, South Africa. Debuting live in early 2014, the band consists of
Michael Short on vocals, Chad Adam Browne on guitar, Alex Rohloff on bass and John Yarnold on
drums - four musicians who've spent the past few years working together. Debut EP "As The Colours Seep" now available.
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Track Name: The Median Cycle
Our ligatures sustain decay
The umbra wanes
The system falls away
Broken seams append words to dismay
False figureheads slowly rust away
They fade away

Tattered flags raised in disrepair
They looked over the mountains to those in despair
We all took a bite out of forbidden fruit
To realise that there’s nobody there

Slowly fading, eyes are racing
An aegis donned and necessary
Slowly burning, the eyes are turning
As the colours seep into the wall
And now I know that crazed piercing gaze
While the beast starts to stir
Chaos reigns as the tables are now turned

Peace returning, orders forming
Hope is the new pacifier
Swift appearing, the eyes are turning
As they rebuild their empire
And now I know that gaze’s piercing craze
As the beast starts to stir
Chaos reigns as the roles are reversed
Track Name: Mask
All good intentions and perfect white smiles
A beggar's open mind, filled with yearning
That spread through the air for miles

Abandon what you covet
Bereft of guilt
Silence doubts, thoughts atrophy
Be pawns in the design

Pre-chorus 1
Sharpened mind, false words refined
To lead with misconception
a feigned reward to those implored
Misled since the inception

What do they devise
Beleaguered in lies
Their mask of trials
Will be their demise

What do they devise
Their cold mask of trials
Can't be their only diguise

How could I have been so blind
To fall for their deception?
The great reward would be deplored
to perpetuate false redemption

What do they devise
Beleaguered in lies
Their mask of trials will be their demise

What do they devise
Their cold mask of trials
Can't be their only demise

Them, us, fog, dust
Warm, ice, under our limbs
They can’t see through their ears
Through the days, all throughout the years
As blank spaces for our colours

How can a man be stripped of his wings willingly?
When no one is nothing but every choice is already made?

But behind the mask and behind the skin
All is revealed to me, true indemnity
There’s a face, sharply rising doubt in yourself, we absolve.

I don’t mind that I was blind
As now I create deception
The great reward I can afford
For I made an exception

What do they devise
Beleaguered in lies
Their cold mask of trials
Will poison all our lives

Now it would seem that the mask I once trembled behind blindly fortifies my protection
Track Name: Machine
An abandoned form, a heart of scorn
The residual effect of a life unborn
solitude, the self adopted way

Vacant stares, walls kept bare
A misanthropic husk ensnared
The lack of light keeps the thoughts away

Judgement unrefined
contradictory statements in mind
seeing the opaque visage of the seeming decay

Confounded in its eyes
Picturesque its view up on high
Stealing the light we radiate
Whilst grinning at demise.

Look and you will see
They are manufactured and able to stand
From the boxes they arise
The lonely builders skillful hands have

Paved the way for trouble
Have drawn up the lines of anxiety
Resulting in self-important aura
The Man-built-number-crunching-deity

In moments of lucidity
The ceiling tears away
To reveal the sky's serenity
Dimmed through the cloud's decay
Track Name: Shed
Empty vessels have gathered here
Mourning as they lay down

Broken words fall on barricaded ears
Confirming what they search for

The mind is on fire
The struggle in perceiving worth
Shed the husk of
Suffering your own rebirth
Shed the husk of
Suffering the earth

It's only a moment gone
It's only a moment lost
There is time
Hidden beneath your will
Find resolution
Track Name: There Were Flaws
Mirrors fall to the pieces we all see now
Echo images repeated and scored

The times there were flaws in the eyes of the head
They looked back and saw through it all instead

Now it’s clear and so revealing
What I thought was concealing
In its light it’s so appealing
In all its naked shame

In the fall, in the pieces in the glints and shards
With inglorious enticing bonds

That reflects the path told not to retread
For something opaquely alluring instead

In the mess of euphoria it’s dull and slow
In the mess of euphoria I will let go
It seems what’s behind is impossibly steep
Instead find a whole life of waiting for sleep


A feeling all but chained
A distrust trained
A past reflected and a future mould projected
Lost adulation is gained

I’ve created my visions but I’m not sure where to go
Conflicting decisions force me to know

Now it’s clear but oh so fleeting
Or it is just a feeling
That this light is so appealing
In its glorious shame